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A Look Inside the Day of a PPC Strategist

May 14, 2015 by Lauren Lawson Consulting/Agency

I bet that when browsing the web, you have thought more than once: “That’s a clever ad”, or “This business sure has its digital marketing in check”. But it never comes to your mind just what goes behind it all.

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All You Need To Know About Websites As a Small Business Owner

May 13, 2015 by Ximena Cordon Marketing

A website is usually the first interaction you will have with your potential clients, and the place where you will lead all of your other online marketing efforts. For this reason, you need to make that first impression count.

To avoid getting too technical, when you think about what is a website, you should think of it as your permanent salesman. This salesman is available day or night, rain or shine promoting your business and tending to your potential as well as current clients.

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Google AdWords is Harder Than You Think - Shark Bite [Video]

May 12, 2015 by Ximena Cordon Shark Bite

In this Shark Bite, we bring you the third AdWords truth small business owners don't want to hear. In our last Shark Bite, Andrew discussed why you should not fear expensive keywords in AdWords. This week, we will talk about something that is unavoidably true: AdWords keeps getting harder and harder.

Truth be told, AdWords is not limited to choosing keywords and ads. In fact, the amount of tools and features available is so overwhelming that sometimes even seasoned advertisers can't keep up.

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White Shark Media Recognized as a Top PPC Agency

May 12, 2015 by Ximena Cordon Marketing

Clutch, a Washington, DC-based research firm, recently published new research on top PPC Agencies for 2015. And we’re excited to announce that we’ve been listed as a one of only two Market Leaders. We are honored to be recognized as paid search experts that provide great client service.

White Shark Media was first approached by Clutch in early 2015, during the outreach process to identify top PPC agencies. After learning about their inclusion process and scoring methodology, we’d decided to move forward as a research participant. This involved volunteering information about our services, technical and strategic capabilities, and the diversity of our project types and sizes.

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The Formula for Display Network Success for Small Businesses

May 7, 2015 by Aaron Torrez Display Network

The Google Display Network is a great way to increase the reach of our marketing. By using it to advertise your business, you will get access to the myriad of websites that are a part of it and consequently reach the users browsing through them.

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17 Ways To Find Negative Keywords For Your AdWords Campaign - [Infographic]

April 30, 2015 by Andrew Lolk Ad Optimization

There is nothing more frustrating than paying for clicks that won't bring you any business. As regular keywords help you direct qualified traffic towards your website, negative keywords help you avoid getting unqualified traffic. In other words, it is equally if not more important to keep up with your negative keywords. 

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Why You Shouldn't Fear Expensive Keywords in AdWords - Shark Bite [Video]

April 28, 2015 by Ximena Cordon Ad Optimization, Shark Bite

In this Shark Bite, we bring your the second AdWords truth small business owners don't want to hear. In our last Shark Bite, Andrew discussed how your competitors have an advantage over you. This week, he will talk about how small business owners seem to be set on getting low CPCs and how this is probably not the most effective strategy.

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