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Google AdWords: "Why Call, When You Can Just Text"?

June 21, 2016 by Ana Caballero AdWords Features

In this world there are two kinds of people - texters and callers.

Personally, I find text messaging to be a more efficient, less-intrusive way of communicating. And I’m not alone. 

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3 Costly AdWords Mistakes (And How to Fix Them) - Shark Bite [Video]

June 21, 2016 by Ana Caballero Shark Bite

Love it or hate it, Google is king. The problem? Optimizing AdWords is hard, time consuming, nit-picky work.

A poorly managed campaign can cost more than it brings in, but a well managed campaign can keep your company in business.

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Compelling SEO Content Writing Made Easy: An Actionable Guide

June 16, 2016 by Juan Camacho SEO

Content is King... this has been the typical headline for countless blog posts since 2008.

Even today, everyone talks about the importance of creating killer content. Others might say that content is alright, but links are everything.

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Should I Bid on Brand Keywords If I Already Have a Strong Organic Presence? - Shark Tip [Video]

June 15, 2016 by Marcelo Largaespada Shark Tip

A brand keyword is the keyword used to search for a company name. A recognizable example is “Macy’s.”

Using brand keywords strengthens a business's position in a way that could never happen if the product had a purely generic name.

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8 AdWords Best Practices to Win the Hispanic Market

June 14, 2016 by Andrew Lolk Hispanic Marketing

Several years back, I’d wonder when online marketing and search were going to take off for Hispanics in the U.S. and in Latin America.

My wait has been over for a while now!

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The 6-Step Guide to Creating Perfectly SEO-Optimized Landing Pages

June 9, 2016 by Israel Medina SEO

It is clear for many of us that SEO has changed completely in the last years.

Search engines that used to be tricked with black-hat tactics have now grown smarter, learned to recognize our language and the intent behind our searches, all to deliver the best results.

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How to Determine Your SEO Return on Investment? - Shark Bite [Video]

May 31, 2016 by Egon Maranhao Shark Bite

It’s no secret that SEO is one of the most profitable ways to market online. The coveted first place in the Google SERPs can reap huge rewards and great ROI.

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