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Breakdown of Website Call Conversions in Google AdWords (Free Call Tracking)

August 20, 2014 by Andrew Lolk News, Call Tracking


It’s no secret that we are exceedingly enthusiastic about call tracking at White Shark Media. We use call tracking for all clients who depend on calls as their primary or secondary revenue source.

Google has now started to offer call tracking—and it’s 100% free for the advertiser. This clearly illustrates how much average advertisers have started to depend on the ability to track their online marketing efforts. Google is definitely trying to make it easier to prove the effectiveness of Google AdWords by offering a call tracking feature within the AdWords interface.

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Online Marketing Conferences and Events Still Left in 2014

August 15, 2014 by Amanda DiSilvestro Marketing

Online Marketing Conferences in 2014

If you had a list of things to accomplish before 2014 is up, you’re probably dealing with some of your businesses more challenging issues right about now. Attending a conference or event might be able to help you solve some problems that have you stumped.

Oftentimes conferences have sessions where experts can help you work out your specific website problems, and even if they don’t, there is never a shortage of experts there who have been in your shoes. The moral of the story is that it’s an excellent way to break out of your comfort zone and find the solutions to your problems in a way you might not have expected.

If you’re hoping to get everything done in 2014 or if you’re just a procrastinator who is only now realizing they want to attend an SEO/ marketing conference, don’t sweat it. There are still plenty left this year as 2014 comes to a close.

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Setting Realistic Expectations for Advertisers with Poor Historic Performance

August 11, 2014 by Ana Morales Optimization Techniques

Setting Realistic Expectations for Advertisers with Poor Historic PerformanceAdWords is not a get rich quick scheme. Do you really think that you’re going to put some keywords, write a few ads and voilà! –your phone will start ringing immediately?  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

I understand how frustrating it is looking at the AdWords interface and at every click that it’s being wasted. No leads, no phone calls, nobody filling out your contact form, nobody buying.

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How to Use the Shared Library Negative Keyword Lists

August 6, 2014 by Aaron Torrez Negative Keywords

How to Use the Shared Library Negative Keyword ListsA proper negative keyword strategy is an essential element of your AdWords campaign as it excludes irrelevant search terms to trigger your ads.

If you need to learn how to implement negative keywords in general, our CMO, Andrew Lolk, wrote a great blog post on how negative keywords work.

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Typical AdWords Mistakes: Campaign Settings

August 1, 2014 by Andrew Lolk Typical AdWords Mistakes

Typical AdWords Mistakes: Campaign SettingsOne of the top things novice AdWords managers get wrong is the settings in AdWords. They all sound kind of the same and there isn’t a clear-cut way to gauge the effect that the individual setting has on your campaign.

Your AdWords campaign settings can make a big impact on your campaign performance, so making sure that your settings are aligned with your goals is essential for achieving maximum success with AdWords.

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Why a Welcome Call Is Key for a Long Lasting Client Relationship

July 30, 2014 by Gary Garth Consulting/Agency

Why a Welcome Call Is Key for a Long Lasting Client RelationshipEverybody is familiar with the phrase: “First impressions last forever”. For that reason, I am particularly over obsessed with the new client on boarding process at White Shark Media and how our SEM department performs their introduction calls during our campaign kickoff meetings.

I have partnered with so many vendors over the last couple of years that I know first hand how important it is for a client to feel confident their assigned point of contact is the right fit for their organization.

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4 Skill-Sets All PPC Consultants Must Have

July 28, 2014 by Alfredo Blandón Consulting/Agency

4 Skill-Sets All PCC Consultants Must Have“Look! It's moving. It's sha — it's... it's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive!”

-Henry, Frankenstein (1931)-

As I've submerged myself in the world of PPC and online marketing in general, many questions have arisen, some of which have been regarding the ideal profile for PPC professionals.

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